Bugle Clock( Aging)



The name of the prince who could name because they were Imperial Household orders more than establishment those days. The alarm clock clock brand by which a new concept restored more than 2012 years for origin general markets.
Muramatsu watch and clock manufacturing was not the same as the other domestic watch makers. He was the first commoner to actually start his business by company buyout. We have proven making fashion and quality watches and clocks for long time.
Siro is the second production line of Keyford, the female is mainly set as a target. White is a color made when carrying out diffused reflection of all the lights.It is an Achromatic color. To quickly respond to the flow of fashion and technology, and always produce the concept watch brand which continues giving off the various brightness of products and services toward the world, with like a fresh posture to draw on a pure white canvas.