Bugle Clock( Aging)

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Bugle Clock( Aging)

■Item Number
Aging Gray:P17-001-003(Damege processing)
Prince( aging)
The concept of "Bugle Alarm Clock Aging" is found 100 years later in the warehouse and start to tick the time again.
To pursues reality based on the concept , so it takes long time to damage and give real rust to the product. * Please be careful in handling as rust may move. * Since this item is processing rust by hand, the processed portion may be different.
A horn on the clock is a striking alarm clock. Reproduction board of an overseas clock for export of the Japanese brand "PRINCE".It was produced by the screw firewood system before, but We reproduced by a battery. the classical design but it is easy to use for the condition today. The design in the crescent of the second hand and Faith is creating the good atmosphere. A ring will hit a horn in the upper part, and is.

Black Beugle clock is one of the official goods in MoMA(The Museum of Modern Art, New York ) design store.

■Product Details

Size: about width 105mm × depth 85mm × height 170mm
Material: iron, glass, ABS
Weight: about 250g
Accuracy: Average monthly deviation ± 30 seconds (in the case of room temperature)
Operating temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ within
Alarm Accuracy: within 5 minutes
Use battery: single two manganese batteries
Battery life: about 1 year
Country of manufacture: China (Japan domestic move used)
The set includes: watch body, single-two manganese batteries
¥5,000 (Without Tax)