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Bugle Clock (lace) Black

■Item Number
A horn on the clock is a striking alarm clock. Reproduction board of an overseas clock for export of the Japanese brand "PRINCE".It was produced by the screw firewood system before, but We reproduced by a battery. the classical design but it is easy to use for the condition today. The design in the crescent of the second hand and Faith is creating the good atmosphere. A ring will hit a horn in the upper part, and is.Beugle clock(with trumpet shape alarm clock that has printed 2 glass. One glass printed lace pattern and another one has number index same as dial. That make you looks number is coming to outside. white and black version.


■Product Details

Size: about width 105mm × depth 85mm × height 170mm
Material: iron, glass, ABS
Weight: about 250g
Accuracy: Average monthly deviation ± 30 seconds (in the case of room temperature)
Operating temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ within
Alarm accuracy: within 5 minutes
Use battery: single two manganese batteries
Battery life: about 1 year
Country of manufacture: China (Japan domestic move use)
The set includes: watch body, single-two manganese batteries
¥5,000 (Without Tax)